Zelda Fitzgerald

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The quote written on the beautiful art canvas above is by Zelda Fitzgerald – controversial wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald. She was amazingly talented, but what appeared to have been some form of a mental illness kept her from flourishing as she could have or should have. If she had lived in another time, when she could have gotten help – there’s little telling how famous she would have become.

Her husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote at length to doctors hoping they could help his beloved wife. In one such letter you can hear the desperation in his words as he writes, “I can’t help clinging to the idea that some essential physical thing like salt or iron or semen or some unguessed at holy water is either missing or is present in too great quantity.” The fact that he was clinging to the idea that it was something physical is heartbreaking – as he knew that, at that time, something physical could at least be treated.

Alot of experts are guessing, today, that she actually struggled with schizophrenia. Also a heartbreaker. Tragically, she actually died in a fire in a mental hospital in North Carolina (1948). Her life, and that of her husband make for fascinating reading. They’re both talented people who are worth getting to know. The fact that, even with all of her struggles, she could still speak so eloquently about love leaves me speechless.

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