You Can Sharpen Your Brain at Any Age

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The Memory Bible Did you know that most memory functions can continue to sharpen over the years? If, that is, they’re exercised and challenged.

“Memory can be trained just like muscles,” says Gary Small, M.D., author of Memory Bible, The: An Innovative Strategy For Keeping Your Brain Young and director of the University of California-Los Angeles Center on Aging. “If you make the most of your memory and use it regularly, that portion of your brain can actually get better as you get older.”

To sharpen your memory and strengthen your mind, do mind-challenging activities, on a daily basis. “Try to do a crossword puzzle every day to help build and maintain vocabulary and memory,” recommends Small.  The experts also agree that learning a second language is beneficial.

As we’ve been learning in recent posts, certain foods can also age-proof the brain.

“A 2008 British study found that eating blueberries can enhance memory and learning, and drinking apple juice may improve memory by preventing the decline of an important neurotransmitter, according to a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.” – Everyday Health

According to Mamas, a cooked potato can jump start your brain when you’re feeling mentally sluggish. Click the link to go directly to a page filled with fascinating facts about the brain. They’re presented in a list that will most definitely teach you a few new things.

“I’m hoping that I rewrote the rules for anyone who wants to do something and they think they’re too old to do it.” Dara Torres (41), the only swimmer to medal in five Olympics

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  • Excellent advice. With the findings about the brain’s ongoing plasticity in later life, it helps to know what we can do to keep the brain active and engaged.

    In groundbreaking research last year, Susanne Jaeggi and Martin Buschkuehl (Improving Fluid Intelligence by Training Working Memory (PNAS April 2008)) recorded increases in short term memory and mental agility (fluid intelligence) of more than 40% after 19 days of focused brain training.

    I was so impressed that I contacted the research team and developed a software program using the same method so that anyone can achieve these improvements at home.
    Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro

    Effective, Affordable Brain Training Software

  • Martin,
    That sounds absolutely, positively fascinating! Best of luck, I wish you mad success with what I firmly believe is a very important system.

  • Joi,
    Thanks again for sharing such wonderful resources with us. As I move beyond my mid-fifties I am noticing less sharpness in terms of my memory and am always on the lookout for great helps! I chuckled about what you said about potatoes. I eat a lot of salads (organic) for dinner and love to add a baked potato to that. No wonder I feel better after I eat!
    Hugs to you,

  • Hugs right back! I have fallen so in love with salads that it’s not even funny. My oldest daughter, Emily, and I were eating lunch at Olive Garden a few weeks ago and were up to our elbows in the salad bowl. Then we realized we hadn’t even touched our bread and soup. My hips wish I’d forget entirely about the bread, but my taste buds say not a chance, girls!

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