Yet Another Reason to Love Green Tea (and Drink it By The Gallons)

Brain Food, Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

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Cup of Green Tea

There are already, seemingly, 1,001 healthy reasons to drink green tea. The antioxidants are great for your health and can help prevent many diseases and illnesses. What’s more, green tea acts like a spark plug to your metabolism, encouraging it to burn more calories by turning them into energy-giving fuel.

Personally, I love green tea and have for some time. Most people either strongly prefer it hot (like my oldest daughter) or iced cold (like my husband), but I love it at any temperature. If it’s comfortable, I’m comfortable.

If you aren’t wild about the taste of green tea, get creative with your add-ins.  Personally, I love a little honey or a squeeze of fresh citrus in my green tea.  Most of the time, though, I drink it straight up because I’m wild about the flavor.

If you’re one of the millions of people who are getting serious about Alzheimer’s Prevention, now you have another reason to drink green tea. A specific molecule in green tea, known as EGCG, has been shown to interfere with formation of amyloid plaques in Alzheimer’s. EGCG breaks down existing aggregate structures in the proteins that contained metals—specifically copper, iron and zinc.

Pour yourself a tall glass of green tea and read more about the study here: Green Tea in the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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