Work Out Your Brain Cells!

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Not only does regular physical activity promote better physical health and emotional well-being, it protects our minds against cognitive decline. (Keeps us sharper. Keeps us sharper longer.)

The reason is possibly linked to the natrual chemicals that exercise releases. These chemicals are the very ones that protect and feed our brain cells.

Even modest exercise helps to keep the brain alert. Walking just 20 minutes three times a week can diminish your chances of getting dementia, including alzheimer’s. Below are a few other ways to pack more activity into your days:

  • Take up tennis. If you’re short on time, tennis is the perfect exercise. I’m pretty much owned by time shortage, which is just one of the reasons I love tennis. You can enjoy this incredibly fun sport for even just 30 minutes and have gotten a workout better than an hour of other activities. Another plus, it can be a year-yound activity if you have a club membership.
  • Take up golf. But, if you can at all – walk the course. Even if you motor around in a golf cart, you’re still getting activity, and that’s always a good thing.
  • Work in your yard. Weed the flower bed, pick up sticks, trim the hedges, mow, wash windows, clean lawn furniture….before you know it, you’ve gotten a first-class workout!
  • Wash your car. Oh, go ahead, wax it too.
  • Turn on 80s rock, Lenny Kravitz, Montgomery Gentry, Bo Bice, Gwen Stefani, or Janet Jackson and move that body like it hasn’t moved in years. Feel free, of course, to substitute your faves for mine, but Janet’s tough to beat. I’d challenge anyone to stand still as she belts out “Black Cat.”

Start standing more than you sit and walking more than you stand. Park further away from the store doors, and take the long route to what you’re after. Put the laundry up one at a time…. Get creative and get moving. Your heart and your mind will both love you for it.

Of course, on top of all that, you’ll have more good butt days and less “OMgraciousG, how’d THAT get THERE?!?!” days. And, face it, it’s all about the Badonkadonk. Aw, son.

Make each move count double,

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