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Are you a word nerd? I totally am and don’t care who knows it.

—–Scrabble, of course, is my favorite board game…

—–Grammar was my favorite school subject…

—–I write for hours each day….

—–I love to read great authors who take words on joy rides (You might know him as Dean Koontz)….

—–I’ll agonize for 10 minutes over just the right word… And, yes, I have been known to publish a post, think about it later in the day, then sign back in because I’ve thought of a better word.

Yeah, I totally love words – playing with them, working with them, manipulating them, letting them manipulate me, trying to wrap my mind around them. There’s a lot of us like that. We’re the ones that sit and actually read the cereal boxes. (They need to pick up the pace, they’re falling off a little. Getting repetitive.)

If you recognize yourself in any of the words above, you’ll want to sign up for Wordsmith.org’s free Word a Day Newsletter. It’s a great way to keep your mind sharp and learn something new each day. You simply can’t strengthen your mind too much.

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  • i’m not a word nerd (i just hope to use the right one half the time), but i DO repect the word nerds… they make things much more colorful to read. and yay for the koontz mention, just reading his name makes me wanna read one of his books… ahhhhh!! =)

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