Why Older is Better – A Collection of Bragging Rights from People Over 50

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Apparently, for those of us who aren’t in the big 50’s neighborhood yet, we needn’t fret the view. The following is a list that was published in a really cool book from 2001 titled “Lists to Live By.” It’s a collection of reasons why “Older is Better” by individuals over 50 years old. It seems strange to refer to 50 as older these days, doesn’t it?!

50’s the new 40 after all – and that’s nowhere near old.

Be that as it may, I love the attitude and vibe of this list. It’s crackling with positive energy and that always turns me all the way on.

Why Older is Better

  1. You appreciate one day at a time.
  2. More people open doors for you.
  3. You don’t have to prove yourself.
  4. The simple pleasures seem so much more valuable.
  5. It’s okay to foget.
  6. You can go at your own pace.
  7. You have more stories to tell.
  8. There’s nothing left to learn the hard way.
  9. You have time to volunteer.
  10. You get to be a grandparent.
  11. You get senior discounts.
  12. You’ve seen it all before, even if you don’t remember where!
  13. You can stay up as long as you want.
  14. You discover the value of the things that have been around a while – old friends, old books, old memories, and old songs.
  15. You finally have perspective.
  16. Things take longer, but you have more time to do them.
  17. You have a better chance of shooting your age with your golf score.
  18. You have seen so many prayers answered.
  19. You know that being kind is often more important than being right.
  20. You finally have the time to start a new hobby or read a new book.
  21. You have learned that people are much more important than things.
  22. You don’t have to worry about what to do when you grow up.
  23. You now how important it is to count your blessings.
  24. You can take as many naps as you like.
  25. Heaven is closer.
  26. You have real wisdom to share.
  27. You realize that time is a treasure.
  28. You have learned that great memories come from both hard times and good times.
  29. It’s the perfect time for looking inward, outward, forward, and upward.
  30. You finally realize that what you can’t see lasts longer than what you can.

Make each moment count double!
~ Joi

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