When You Feel Overwhelmed…


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Feeling Overwhelmed

We all have moments when we feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. Times when we are surrounded on all sides by uncompleted (often not even started!) tasks, unmet goals, and relentless to do lists.  When the only thing we see around us are things waiting to be done, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  In fact, I imagine that feeling overwhelmed is almost an epidemic in this day and time. Quite honestly, we’re all trying to DO and BE too much.  But I’m not going to climb up on that soap box… for now!

For years, I’ve talked regularly to readers of Out of Bounds as well as my self help blog regularly.  I hear from people of all ages who are dealing with subjects such as:

  • Self Confidence
  • Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Memory Loss
  • Relationship Problems
  • Anxiety
  • Shyness
  • Sadness
  • Addictions

The list continues, of course, but these have generally been the top issues.  Lately, I’d say within the last 2 years, I”m hearing from more and more people with a common theme.  I often see different versions of the same words,”I just feel so overwhelmed!

Being overwhelmed is a hideous feeling, and one I wouldn’t wish on anyone. There’s a certain helplessness about it – and if you allow it to continue, the anxiety will grow like a life-sucking weed.  Some people allow the feelings of being overwhelmed to continue so long that they almost enter panic mode.  There’s nothing about that that’s good or productive, so dealing with the feelings immediately is of the utmost importance.

When you feel overwhelmed, you should realize that you simply haven’t found the answer yet.  When you take a deep breath and say, “I simply haven’t found the answer yet,” you’ll feel better almost immediately.  A lot of hope lives inside the little word y-e-t.  Simply saying the word gives you hope that there’s a light at the end of the overwhelming tunnel.  Reminding yourself that you have to proactively find the answer is the swift kick in the seat you need to get moving.

When you begin to search for the answer, you may find that:

  • … you’re trying to do too much
  • … you aren’t trying hard enough
  • …. you need to ask for help
  • …. you’re half-assing it
  • … you haven’t been giving it your all
  • ….  it’s time for a new approach

Stepping back from a situation and looking at it objectively can work wonders.  You may find that waking up an hour earlier is all you need to “catch up.”  How amazing would it be if something as simple as that alleviated your stress?!

Ask yourself tough questions. Are you really giving it your all? Have you gotten lazy in any areas of your life? Are you trying to do too much, be too much, and have too much? Do you need to simplify?  Was there a time in  your life when life, itself, seemed easier?  What made it easier? How can you get back to that simplicity?

If, after brain-storming, you just can’t seem to come up with the answer, ask the people you trust the most.  Everyone has opinions and most people love few things more than being helpful.  If nothing else, search online for answers. If you GOOGLE your particular problem, you’ll find a great number of people who’ve experienced the same thing. What’s more, you just may find the answer you’re looking for.

Then next time you feel overwhelmed, remind yourself that the feeling means you simply haven’t found the answer yet.  Then immediately begin seeking for the answer!  Don’t waste any time with negative feelings such as pity or frustration.  It’s a big, beautiful world out there and wasting time with negative emotions robs you of the life you deserve.

Make each moment count double,
~ Joi

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