When The Golden Years Don’t Feel So Golden

Mental Fitness

A lot of things are expected when a person gets older – the aches and pains, the sudden shrinking of newspaper print (!), a loss of speed, a memory that works better at times than others, etc. They’re all a part of growing older, and most people are able to actually laugh them off.

However, many people in their “golden years” put up with and suffer from depression because they think it’s “part of growing older.” That couldn’t be further from the truth! Some of the happiest, funnest to be around people I’ve ever known have been older people. Aging shouldn’t mean losing your love of life – if anything, we should love life more the longer we’re in the game!

Granted, “the blues” can strike at any age. Even children sometimes feel down without any apparent reason. It’s just a part of life. However, if the feelings don’t lift after a few days, of if the individual feels “empty,” worthless, fatigued, cranky, anxious, sad more often than they’re happy, and doesn’t enjoy the things they once did, it’s time to see a doctor. No one has to live like this…and why would they want to?!

If you or someone you know falls into this category, help is just a phone call away. Life’s far too beautiful, exciting, and fun to miss out on another second.

Make each moment count double,

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