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What's Holding You Back?

by: TMFC

What's the one thing that's keeping you from your biggest goal(s) in life? The thing that stands like a brick wall between you and your goals? If you're like most people, your answer resembled one of the following:

  • "I don't have enough confidence."

  • "I'm not determined enough."

  • "I'm not smart enough."

  • "I have a phobia of public speaking."

  • "I'm too laid back."

  • "I've got a rotten temper."

  • "Not enough money."

None of this, insufficient that, a lacking of the other....

We get so weighed down by what we don't have that we don't realize, publicize, and capitalize on what we do have.

NO ONE has the corner on all the traits, qualities or possessions. But EVERYONE has at least one. Isn't it time to start shining the spotlight on what's right about you. When you do, you'll see that you have far more than just one great quality - you have plenty!

Earlier, I asked you to bring to mind what you think is holding you back. The reason I did this was to give you the opportunity to think about it ONE LAST TIME. You aren't going to give it the time of day ever again. Throw it out of your mind's window. (One of the top windows, so it'll make a terrific crash when it hits bottom!)

Start TODAY thinking about the wonderful, positive qualities you have instead. Think about them often - the more often, the better. These positive thoughts carry a lot of power and each time you entertain them in your mind, you empower yourself and your life.

We all have, within our minds, an AUTORESPONDER set up (for us, by us). It's sort of like an answering machine that automatically plays a message whenever we're faced with complications or challenges. Some messages whine, some yell, some cry, some cuss. A lot of people are fond of "I can't do this!" or "I'm so depressed." while others prefer to whine "Whyyyy meeee??" (They're an awful lot of fun to be around.)

With each subsequent utterance , these automatic messages have built that dividing wall, one brick at a time.

One "I can't do this!" = 1 brick in the wall.

Right now, I want you to identify your present message. Delete it and get ready to program another! You need an affirmative message - one that will inspire not inhibit, encourage not discourage and motivate you to overcome rather than to be overcome.

The choice for the message is up to you. One of the simplest ones, but most effective is, "I CAN DO THIS." A few other suggestions are, "I'm better than this.", "I'm bigger than this.", and "I'm up for it." I knew a really colorful guy once who always said, "Not a problem." Whenever crazy things went on around him, he'd respond with his catch phrase. He didn't seem to have many bad moods OR bad days, and come to think of it - he didn't seem to have many problems!

So what's holding you back? You are! More specificlly, your thoughts are. They're responsible for building the wall between you and your dreams. As soon as you ditch them and replace them with affirmations, the wall will come crashing down and nothing will be in your way.

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