What’s Your VISION and What Are You Doing to Make it a Reality?

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Vision is the Art

Jonathan Swift said, “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Is that an amazing quote, or what? The longer you think about it, the more amazing it is.

Whether we call them visions, dreams, or aspirations – we all have them. We each picture how we want our life to be and we picture the “us” that’s in it. We have a vision of just who we want to be and we know the things we want to accomplish. No one else can see our visions but us, and that makes them pure gold. If they can’t see them, they can’t tell us that we’re wrong, they can’t get in our way, and they sure can’t take them away from us. They’re ours, all ours!

A sad reality is that sometimes we lose sight of our visions and dreams. We get busy with this thing called life and we lose touch with what it is we actually want from it. Instead, we get way too wrapped up in what it wants from us. Another pitfall is that we often get caught up in other people’s lives instead of our own. We’ll worry about what this person’s doing, where that person’s headed, what she’s thinking, what he’s doing wrong, etc. While it’s all fine and well – and even highly commendable – to be concerned with others, we aren’t doing them or ourselves any favors when we lose ourselves or our visions along the way.

It helps to frequently spend time alone with yourself and your thoughts. I’d even suggest picking a time of the day to do just that. Whether it’s on the way home from the office, while doing dishes, or even while taking a bath/shower at the end of the day. Set aside a period of time to hold yourself accountable. Remind yourself of your visions and dreams – then ask yourself, “What did I do today that brought me one step closer to my vision?” Also, “What did I do today that kept me rooted in place, neither going forward or backward?” Finally, “What did I do today that took me one step away from my vision?”

Knowing that you’ll have to face this line of questioning at the end of the day will keep your eyes focused on your goal during the day.

One more thing about visions. While it sounds incredibly stirring and wonderful to say things like, “Never give up, no matter what your vision is – never, ever give up….” – there’s something to keep in mind. If you’re playing a sport, it’s good to plant yourself firmly in position right? Let’s say you’re playing in a baseball game. You’re playing center field. You know your position when you take the field, right? You don’t go to the left..you don’t go to the right. You know where center is and you head off in that direction. As the pitcher throws the ball, you’re set in your position. But what if the batter doesn’t hit the ball right to you? How foolish would it be to think, “I’m staying put! If I believe in myself enough, I can stretch my arm a good 12 feet and…” And, you’re off the team, that’s what!

You’re a better player than that, though! You reposition yourself according to the flight of the ball and…. And, “Out one!” – that’s what.

Yes, our visions are golden and yes, we should hold them close to us. However, there are certain situations when they may need to be adjusted – according to the flight of life. Take, for instance, the men and women who’ve been told they can’t conceive. They hope, pray, believe, and even envision a miracle pregnancy. While anything is possible (especially if God is on your team), many families would have missed out on the most beautiful thing that ever happened to them if they hadn’t “repositioned” and chosen to adopt. There isn’t an adoptive parent in the world who’ll tell you they had to “settle” – they’ll tell you the absolute truth, they simply had to switch positions to find their precious child. Their “vision” still came true – it simply came from another direction.

Whether you’re able to stand your ground or you have to reposition to get what you want, keep your eyes on the ball. Hold yourself accountable at the end of one day and strive to do better the next. Everything you want from life is just around the corner. The only thing is, it won’t come to you – you have to go get it!

Make each vision count double,
~ Joi

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