What’s ON a Name? (Part Two)

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They’re back!

Like I said in the previous post, I had spent Friday thinking about Oprah Winfrey and the amazing name, and life she has carved out for herself. The most beautiful thing, of course, is that she carved out this amazing life not only for herself, but for countless others as well.

(As a sort of a little side bar, when you see celeberities, ask yourself these questions: At the end of their road, how many lives will they have really touched? Was their life lived selfishly or did they try to better the lives of others in any way? It’s sort of a sunshine thing – people like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie believe the sun shines only on them. They doubtfully care if anyone else feels its rays or not. But people like Oprah, Bono and Angelina Jolie realize that they are only part of a greater whole, and they want others to feel the sun’s rays as well as them.)

Back to our little group – Saturday, while thoughts of Names were still buzzing around my head, I listened to one of my Whitney Houston CDs. As she and I were belting out “Saving All My Love For You” – I was reminded of just how much talent this lady has. Amazing, amazing, amazing voice. I’m not sure there’ll ever be another one quite like it. And, beauty…oh please! Singers and actresses, compared to Whitney when Whitney was Whitney, only think they’re beautiful. This gal, when sober and sane, is so gorgeous she embarasses herself! And she was always so well spoken, charming and funny in interviews – decent and lovely, inside and out.

Then, Whitney misplaced Whitney and hasn’t found her since. In the 80s, when you heard the name Whitney Houston – you thought of beauty and talent. Someone who all the girls wanted to be and all the boys wanted to be with. Then, the glass slipper fell off and she never seems to have had the good sense to go find the darned thing and put it back on! She’d rather clunk and stumble around. As a fan, I’d love to see her get her act together and make her name mean something worthwhile again.

Other people have done it – the name repair process. Look at the Boston Red Sox, their name once often came along with the word “jinxed”. That didn’t suit them, so they traded it in for “champions.”

Martha Stewart, after her misunderstanding with right and wrong, hasn’t gone into hiding. She’s fighting for respect and, in turn, for her name. I believe that she’ll soon wipe the tarnish off and get that luster back. Why? Because it’s important to her and she’s fighting. My money’s on the fighters, every time.

John Daly’s another fighter. He’s also another one that realizes the sun’s rays are far-reaching. He gives back, and I respect that. He’ll soon have a new show on the Golf Channel called The Daly Planet and I can’t wait to see what all he gets into! He’s made mistakes, but he’s fighting to rise above them. Like Martha, I believe he will.

Personally, I want to see T.O. and Janet Jackson fight. No, not one another, I like Janet too well! Neither of them has, IMO, done anything that horrible or hideous. Bad decisions? Sure, but who (aside from Oprah!) is immune from those? The more time passes without them doing something worthwhile, the more rooted their names will become in the past. They each need to go out and do something right and start fighting for their names.

Imagine what would happen if they got involved with somehting really, really worthwhile – put their time and money into a project that helped others? Everyone would benefit.

Jennifer Aniston’s an example of when your name takes hits and you weren’t the one swinging! No one could be handling themselves any better, though, and the class she’s showing is making her even more fans.

If you look at the list of names at the top, you’ll think of certain words as you read each one. Some good, some bad. The thing is, you and I – on a decidedly lesser scale – are the same way. We have all made our name mean something…..for good or bad. If bad, it’s not too late to do something about it.

I was mending one of my daughter’s pairs of jeans yesterday, where she’d ripped them on a bicycle. I mended that area so tightly that it’s even stronger and better than it was before the damage. A reputation can be mended just as well. It just takes work. And guts.

Make each moment count double,

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