What Stress Does to Your Brain

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Below are links to two VERY important, worthwhile, I-promise-you-should-read-them articles. They’re really short, so you needn’t worry about “saving them for later” or skipping them altogether. After all, it’s our brains we’re talking about here – it doesn’t get much more vital than that!

The articles deal with the effects of stress on our brains – from memory problems to cell damage, stress leaves its footprints on our minds. Fortunately, there are things we can do about it. Of course, top of the list is finding ways to cope with what’s causing the stress in the first place. It usually isn’t too difficult to pin down. Once pinned, we have to determine if it’s caused by something within our control. If it is, we should come up with a plan to “fix” or “improve” the situation immediately. We should never wait for things to fix themselves – we have to be proactive.

If stress is caused by things that are not in our control, we should look at these problems and see if there are some worries or anxieties that we can “just let go of.” Perfect candidates for this approach are worries or concerns about what other people are doing. We can’t take on the lives of others and give our full attention to our own. Once a person 100 percent realizes that, they free up A LOT of stress and worry. You can be, and should be,concerned about others – but if that concern starts to interrupt your happiness and peace of mind, it’s time to (if the situation is right) speak your mind (i.e. “have your say,” “give your advice,” “get a few things off of your chest…”). Especially if it’s a family member or close friend – BY ALL MEANS, try to help if you can. BUT, remember we all have to make our own mistakes and find our own way.

Once you let go of some worries, anxieties, or concerns – you’ll have more energy to take on the rest. And that’s exactly what you should do. Head them off at the pass and load and lock! If your job causes you an unusual amount of stress, start looking around for another. (Many times, just giving yourself the freedom and the power to look will help. It makes you realize that you aren’t “stuck,” and you immediately feel less trapped.).

Whatever’s causing stress in your life needs to be taken out of your life – if at all possible. We get one shot at life, after all. And who wants to spend it being stressed out and tense?!?!

Here come the links (They’ll open in new windows) – please check them out. They’re very important:

Stress Can Shrink and Age Your Brain

Exercise Smartens Up the Aging Brain

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