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Very few people….make that very, very, very few people…couldn’t benefit from losing a little weight. With a New Year staring us in the face, there’s no time like the present to resolve to be a loser!

I wish….make that really, really, really wish…..I had a dollar for every diet and exercise book ever sold. I’d be so rich I could get as fat as I wanted and pay people to tell me that I was thin.

We humans are a funny lot, we buy book after book looking for that magical phrase – the one that tells us to eat all the cheesecake in the world and sell our exercise bike, and then watch as the pounds melt off. As someone who’s never met a Big Mac she didn’t love and never saw exercise equipment that didn’t frighten her, I’m sad to report that such a phrase doesn’t exist.

If we want to lose weight, the secret is as simple as it is boring: We have to consume fewer calories and we have to combust more calories.

A while back, I managed to drop 3 sizes – it was possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done! Not only is losing weight tough enough, I happen to have asthma (which makes exercise a challenge), am on thyroid medication (which screws with your metabolism like crazy), and halfway through my “losing streak,” I was in a really bad car wreck, resulting in back injuries that took a long time to heal (sitting and lying around aren’t conducive to anything but chubbing up!). I’m not bragging or anything, just letting you know that if I was able to have success with the mess I was in, anyone can do it!

My advice to anyone looking to win at losing is simple:

  • Subscribe to Prevention magazine. The advice and motivation are priceless. When I think back on what helped me most, I really believe it was this magazine, combined with…
  • Prevention.com – make it a part of your daily web surfing. Read the articles, pick apart the success stories (lots of good stuff there), use the calorie burner tool, and try out the recipes. I’m afraid the site has been overtaken by ads lately – really annoying ones – but if you can dodge them long enough to read the information, you’ll benefit greatly.
  • Buy a pedometer. Challenge yourself each day to hit a certain number of steps. Start out with 8,000 then keep moving your number higher until you’re around 12,000 steps daily. There were a lot of nights when I’d pace my driveway until I hit my number – drove my cats crazy!
  • Cut out empty calories. If you’re addicted to soda, for example, switch to Diet cola and/or tea. You’d be amazed at the number of calories this alone saves. And, you do get used to the diet taste fast, so much so that you end up preferring it over the regular soda.

Like any journey, the sooner one starts, the sooner one arrives. It’s a journey I’m having to gear up for again – since I started working so much at the computer, I’ve noticed that my Levi’s…..er….aren’t as forgiving as they once were. Someone shrunk the darned things!

I hate it….make that I hate hate hate it…..when that happens.

Make each step in the right direction count double,

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