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Feelin' the weekend!

Geez, this week seemed like it would go on forever – I truly never thought Saturday would get here.

I just posted a post over on Self Help Daily – I was going to post it here also, but I figure it’s much easier to just link to it. The post is titled Six Weeks to a Better Life and it has some pretty cool information in it. I hope you’ll check it out.

Also, I’ve been reading alot about the troubling epidemic of depression in college kids. I love this age group of kids – it breaks my heart to think of any of them battling depression. Here’s an important link: Lessons From College. The article contains plenty of other links to great articles and information.

If you’re lucky enough to have young people in your life, be sure they know they can always talk to you – and that you’ll listen without judging, yelling, or dominating the conversation. They need to know you’ll always be there for them and that your ears are theirs.

Make each weekend moment count double – that’s what they’re for!

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