Watch Your Thoughts


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“Watch your thoughts;
They become your words.

Watch your words;
They become your actions;

Watch your actions;
They become your habits.

Watch your habits;
They become your character.

Watch your character;
For it will become your destiny.”
– Hillel

You could set a clock by and bet the farm on my morning trek. I walk (I guess it qualifies as a walk) each morning with absolute certitude from my bed to the coffee maker. If it’s anywhere around 6:00 am, you can count on the morning sonata – shuffling of the houseshoes, humming of the brew, chiming of the spoons, clinking as the creamer is stirred. You wouldn’t lose your farm.

There’s only one thing I can think of that’s more of a sure bet than Morning + Joi = Coffee. That would be Thought + Action = Destiny.

Think of our heroine, Harriet Tubman (see post titled the same). She had to FIRST entertain the grand thought before she could act upon it. Hundreds of precious people were very fortunate that her thoughts weren’t defined by self-pity, hatred or butt-face-ugly bitterness. They were defined, rather, by determination, nobility and purposefulness.

What are your thoughts defined by? What do you spend most of your time thinking about? Okay, after that, what do you spend most of your time thinking about? These thoughts are your steps. Just as my little steps get me to my goal (CAFFIENE!) each morning, your thoughts serve as your steps. Are they carrying you toward your goal or away from it?

If your thoughts are positive and productive, you’re on your way. If they’re negative and defeatist, they’re carrying you in the opposite direction. With each subsequent thought, you are either moving closer to or further from your goal(s).

Start thinking of each and every thought as a step. Remember, they go together to make your walk. For the love of Java, don’t creep along and DO NOT walk backwards – walk forwardly with a purpose. To borrow a line from a country song, I hope you dance!

Make each moment count double,
Get Cooking!

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