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“Do a common thing in an uncommon way.” – Booker T. Washington

One of the ugliest words I can think of and one of the few that ranks right up there with “decaf” is “commonplace“.

I physically loathe, hate and detest anything that’s commonplace. Truth be known, I’d rather something be a little less than common than to be common. Sure, that’s odd – but at least it’s not common!

What’s wrong with commonplace? It doesn’t invoke passion OR summon up zest. It certainly doesn’t solicit an emotional storm….it may get lucky enough to cause a few trinkles of emotion, but a storm, never. That’s why, all of my life, I’ve been drawn to people, places and things that are out of the ordinary. My favorite websites are the ones where anything can happen, my favorite blogs are the blogs where anything will be said, my favorite people are those who keep you on your toes – unsure of what they’ll come up with next.

I will forever be on the sidelines pulling for and being amused by those who march to their own drum’s beat – Shania Twain, John Daly, Shaq, Gwen Stefani, Johnny Depp, Constantine, Angelina Jolie, Andre 2000, Barry Zito, Dean Koontz, Tobey Keith, Jamie Foxx….

I may not agree with every single thing every single one of them does every single day of their life,(heck, I don’t agree with everything I do!) but they keep life interesting and, unbeknownst to them – they live by my signature’s manifesto.

Make each moment count double,
Dream Prophesy

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