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Tools For Life !

The following is a sponsored post.  It’s been a while since I’ve done one, so let me remind you what thay means.  In a sponsored post, I’m paid to “review” a book, product, service, or website.  I’m not paid to like it or tell my readers that they’ll like it – simply to tell you what I think about it.  Fortunately for everyone involved, in my years of web publishing, I’ve noticed something – people who are willing to pay people to “see what they think” about their product or service usually have a great deal of confidence in what they’ve created.  If they didn’t, why would they risk it?!  I’ve noticed something else.  The confidence exists for a very good reason.

Tools To Life

People who are truly interested in improving their world are in a constant process of gathering information, books, and products (or tools) that will help them.  They know that the only way to improve their world is to improve themself.  After all, first things first, right?!

I’m excited to be able to tell you about one of the best Self Help Programs I’ve ever seen. Tools to Life is a completely free, online self help coaching system and support network that their publishers refer to as a labor of love.  They have been helping people loose weight, improve their relationships, resolve depression, overcome anxiety and get better careers for over 20 years!  They wanted to bring this success “online” so they could reach even more people ith Inspirational motivation  and community support.

The article archive is amazing.  The titles below are just some of the subjects covered:

  • Why Go Vegetarian? – 12 highly compelling reasons are presented, and I was ready to board the train by number 5!
  • Choices – Your Life is a Choice – Another one of my favorite articles is about the choices we make each day, whether or not we even realize a choice has even been made.
  • Boost Your Metabolism, Lose More Inches – I don’t even have to tell you what makes this article a must-read, do I??  The title pretty much says it all.  If it’s not enough, I have another phrase to catch your eye:  Swimsuit season.  This article will tell you how you can burn calories while you sleep.  I kid you not!  It’s a great read.

The articles I listed above are just a few of the hundreds and hundreds offered on Tools to Life.  I haven’t read them all yet, but I’m working on it.  I’m giving my printer a workout, since each one makes the “worthy of being printed out” grade.

Another section of the site that you’re going to love are the Inspirational Videos.  I watched them and wished like mad there were more.  They’re as addictive as they are motivational and inspirational.

The website provides a wealth of information, inspiration, and motivation.  However, its real charm lies in the way it has built a community of people who want to not only improve their own world, but the worlds of others as well.   That sort of mindset inspires you to move in amongst them, doesn’t it?  Life Coaching Support Groups quickly become like close friends who are there for you. In this case, they just happen to be friends who can help you lose weight, improve your relationships, resolve depression, overcome anxiety and get a better career! With friends like that, who’d have enemies?!

I urge you to go (now’s as good a time as any – nudge, nudge) to Tools to Life and have a look around. Sign up and become part of the community, it’s 100 percent free. Some people honestly pay for this type of life coaching and advice! Visit Tools to Life and start a fun, exciting, and productive new journey – a journey we all like to call Self Improvement.

I love one of their sayings on the website, “Achieve your success in 15 minutes a day.” When you think of it like that, it’s as though all of our goals, hopes and dreams are on the table across the room and all we have to do is walk over there to claim them. What are we waiting for?!

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