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I (as much as anyone in the world!), am a strong advocate of “self help,” “self awareness,” “self improvement,” and even – to a point – natural healing.  But, let’s be completely honest for a moment:  sometimes an individual’s needs are either too large for them to handle on their own or require tools of expertise that they, themselves, do not possess.

Take physical illnesses, for example. If I were to come down with a case of pneumonia, I would not hesitate for even half a minute to make an appointment to see a doctor. Even as hard headed as I am, I know I don’t have the resources, the knowledge, or the tools to heal myself.

I certainly can’t “think” or “wish” an illness away. In the time I spent wasting trying to do so, I’d simply become sicker and sicker and.. .in the end… well, suffice to say, it wouldn’t end well!
That all seems like common sense, right? Why is it then, that so many people hesitate to get emotional or mental help when they need it.  If they have a toothache, they’ll call the dentist (pretty darn quickly too!).   If they’re eyesight seems to be getting worse, they’ll make an appointment for an eye exam.

How is it any different if an individual needs help for overcoming an addiction? Why do so many people harm themselves by refusing to seek help when it’s readily available. Trained individuals are waiting – eagerly – to help. They have the tools, the knowledge, the education, and the compassion to heal.

I wonder if, possibly one of the reasons people who are battling addictions (from eating disorders to alcoholism) are ashamed to admit it.  I certainly hope this wouldn’t be the case given that all God’s children have something they’re up against!

Personally, when I hear that someone’s seeking treatment for a particular demon, I’m impressed. I always think, “Good for them! I hope I’d be as strong as they are if I were in that position.”

If you feel like something is standing between you and the life you want for yourself, I hope you won’t wait another day to take your life back.  I want to tell you about a place that might just make all the difference in the world: Treatment Network . Treatment Network is, simply put, your guide to the top treatment centers in the country.  Find the personal help and guidance you need to help you get back on the right path – you know, the one that leads to your wildest dreams!
The Treatment Network makes finding help so easy!

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