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Between my last post and this one, I’ve been doing the web surf thing. I’ve found some incredible sites and organizations of interest if you’re interested in touching someone’s life.

I believe you are, so what follows are a few websites that’ll tell you how you can spread some happiness launch a bunch of smiles. Now that’s time well spent!

Operation Military Support : This is like the coolest thing in the world. You sign up and they e-mail you the name and mailing address of a soldier who currently isn’t getting any mail. I can’t wait to write the first of many letters to mine. This poor guy has no idea just what sort of chatter box is headed his way!! Go and grab you a name right now, someone’s waiting for you.

Cell Phones for Soldiers : Another fantastic website and idea…that, get this, was launched by two kids! Amazing. Check it out, I’d bet anything you could take part in this one too.

Operation Gratitude : They send care packages to the troops. You gotta check out the pics of the soldiers with their “goods”. Priceless.

Okay, darlings, go make the world a better place.

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P.S. (can one even p.s .on a blog?) If you have your own blog, website or newsletter – how about posting the above links and spreading the word? Know of someone with their own blog, website or newsletter? E-mail them the links and ask them to post them. If they know of someone….oh, you get the idea, I gottta go. I have letters to write.

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