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Blueberries As if blueberries need to give us another reason to eat them. They’re already delicious and healthy.

Apparently, however, they’re quite the overachievers because they’re offering up even more reasons.

Natural News reports that blueberries actually reverse memory loss. But that’s not all – these delicious little berries can also prevent Alzheimer’s. If those aren’t good enough reasons to always keep blueberries on hand and in mouth, I don’t know what would be.

Be warned, however.  Don’t think you can benefit from blueberry cereal and your average blueberry bar.  Natural News Points Out the following fact (a fact that’ll surely influence my grocery shopping!): Most blueberry cereals, breads and snack bars are actually made with propylene glycol (antifreeze fluid), high-fructose corn syrup and artificial coloring chemicals. If you want REAL blueberries, you have to look for it on the label.

When possible, just eat your blueberries in the raw – them, not you.

I’ve been buying healthier snacks for my own family and blueberries are a personal favorite. I wash them and place them in a bowl on the counter. If blackberries aren’t ridiculously high, I also throw some of them into the mix.

Finally, don’t serve your blueberries in cereal.  Milk actually delutes their power.  Stick with the bowl.

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~ Joi

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