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To kind of continue the thought train that started with Negative and Positive Energy……

There are countless studies that show how our thoughts play an incredibly huge role in our emotional health. Adults who are optimistic maintain higher levels of mental and physical health than those who are more negative. Now does that mean that every single day an optimistic person will have a song on his lips and a twinkle in his eye? Or that he’ll love everybody and everything and never get angry or disagreeable? That he only has pleasant, peaceful, chirpy little thoughts every minute of his life? Not at all. Anyone who’d fit that description would, at best, annoy the heck out of everyone around him and, at worst, need badly to be locked away without any shiny objects.

An optimistic person is simply one who is “up” more often than they’re “down.” I think of it this way, the optimistic person is the one who, if they say a movie isn’t any good, you tend to give weight to their opinion. By contrast, if a negative person says they didn’t like a movie, you tend to think, “Of course you didn’t.”

Everyone has bad days – it happens to hair and it most definitely happens to our emotions. Sometimes it’s something crummy that sets us off, but more times than not it’s what goes on inside our heads. An emotionally unhealthy person is one who has “good days” as rarely as an emotionally healthy person has “bad days.”

What the researchers are showing us with their studies is this: If a person allows themselves too many bad days, they’ll become second nature. The mind has an amazing knack for “falling into” habits. It gets in a groove and, once there, it’s very hard to get it out of there!

What to do? Increase those positive thoughts and cut out the negative ones!

When the destructive, negative ones turn up – literally tell yourself that they are poison to your mind because that’s essentially what they are. If there is actual stress in your life (and stress and life go together, so that’s a very unnecessary If) – be proactive, take control and do everything in your power to solve the problems causing the stress. Sometimes just making that all-important move in the right direction will make all the difference. The main thing is to ACT, because two things happen when you act: 1. You just may solve that problem. 2. When one’s acting, one has less time to think!!!

Make each moment count double,

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  • Hehe, good advice: “When one’s acting, one has less time to think!!”. Certainly it’s better, if you don’t act and you are in some kind of depression, it gets even deeper because you just think about it and make it worse for yourself.. So like Joi said, no matter what, just do something!:-)

  • Thanks, RC!

    I know from experience that too much thinking can be a bad thing.

    A few years ago, my family and I lived on the beach on the Santa Rosa Island (Fla.). “It” hit the fan and we had to move back to Kentucky. I love it here….but when we got back I was soooo depressed, missing the ocean, the sand, the dolphins, the pelicans, shells, ETC!!!

    I’m normally a really happy person, but for several months it seemed that I had tears right behind my eyes just waiting for the chance to spill out.

    Then I caught myself at the kitchen table with my head down (as well as my spirits), and I realized that all I was ever doing was sitting around thinking about what I’d lost. Then I made myself start thinking about what I’d found. I realized that my family was all together and safe and happy – we just lived back in our home state with trees, hills and horses rather than in our adopted one with white sand, ocean waves and pelicans.

    Anyway, once I realized what my mind was doing to the rest of me, I took the upper hand. When thoughts of the ocean crept into my head, I grabbed my daughters and we walked in the beautiful tree-filled park and watched the cardinals, blue jays, squirrels and chipmunks.

    Happiness is all IN the mind, not so much OUTSIDE of the mind.

    Thanks for the comment!

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