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My blog reader has brought me a great post by Don, The Idea Guy.

Don says ” A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, else what are the heavens for?”
My Mama used to tell me all the time, ” You’ve got to get above your raisin’. ”

What she meant was, just beacause you started life in a two room house with sawmill slats for a floor, it don’t mean you have to finish that way.

My wife get’s on me often for falling back into the small minded mode. I tend to get a little redneck, when you get me agitated. Don’t give in, give it heck. Don’t quit working, work harder.

You’ve got to set the bar extremely high and believe that you can get there. Work like a sled dog, night and day, and never, ever let doubt stop you.

If you can keep your feet moving, you WILL eventually get there. Leave no room for doubt or doubters.

Don, my Idea Guy, also says, ” However, if your goal is to get up an hour earlier and write a few pages of the novel that’s been picking at the back of your brain, there’s a goal that you can both achieve AND help you move toward a spectacular success.”

It’s not easy to post to 7 , EVERY day, but, if you look at the long term picture, how hard is it compared to fighting in a foreign country, fighting diseases in a lab or fighting rush hour traffic in Louisville. Not very.

Most of the people in my circle know nothing about the multiple sites we have. They don’t know we have a blog network with 7 blogs in it. They have no knowledge of anything we do and I want it that way. It’s not for them, it’s for us. While they watch , EVERY night, we build our network. We grow toward the finish line.

Just out work your competition by 1% each and every day, kind of like Lance Armstrong does during the Tour de France. He doesn’t have to beat them by but a few seconds each and every day to amass an insurmountable lead after three weeks.

It only takes that 1% more effort to make you a champion.

When I first moved to Louisville, I sought out the most successful salesman in my industry. Went to his office and told him to his face, ” When you get up tomorrow, I will have been up for 2 hours. When you quit tomorrow, I will still be out for 2 more hours.” It took 18 months before I hit the goals that my boss set, but every year after that, I hit my yearly goals within 6 months. For 7 straight years. You can do it, too.

1% is all it takes.

If a running back in the NFL gains 1% more than all the other backs every game, at the end of the season, he averages about 18 yards more than they do. He wins the rushing title with 18 more yards than his nearest competition. Imagine, after 16 grueling Sunday’s, he wins the title because of 1% more effort.

Lance Armstrong will win the Tour De France by 180 seconds after 3 weeks of sheer torture. 180 seconds. After all those mountains in his way, he wins because of 1% more effort.

If you give 1% more effort in your daily life, your work, your relationships, your finances, your workout routines will all improve. YOU will benefit immensely.

C’mon, let’s you and I give that 1% for 1 month and see if it makes a difference.

Send me an email, post a comment or tell a friend, because you are more likely to hold to your commitment if it’s made public.

Thanks, Don.


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