They’re Huffing and Puffing and Blowing Their Lives Away

Tough Love!

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I’d been trying to get my mind around the number of young people who are drinking and doing drugs, and having absolutely no luck. I mean – they’re young, they live in the most exciting time imaginable, the whole world is right there waiting for them to set it on fire…and they want to mess up their brain cells and risk their lives???

Anyway, my mind never even got close to encircling it, so imagine how I felt when I read that many kids are doing even weirder things. Here’s the article that has left me speechless >>>>> The Danger of Teens & Inhalants .

As adults we try to protect kids from harm and danger from other sources, but it seems to me that they need the most protection from themselves. I just wonder what it is they’re looking for – whether it’s acceptance, an escape, or what. I absolutely adore kids, of all ages, but for some reason I’ve always found tweens, teens, and college-aged kids to be my favorites. I love them muchly! I never tire of their company or entertainment value. They have so much life and energy, and it rips my heart out to think that a number of them are risking their lives for something so stupid.

I’m really just sort of thinking out loud, here, because I don’t have any answers to the problem…. Probably because I don’t understand the problem!

There are lots of things in life that I feel strongly about – and have an overwhelming desire to do something about… husband says it’s trying to “Save the World” and I’m probably guilty. But mindless suffering like that brought on by Alzheimer’s, cancer, child and animal abuse, and heart disease tear my heart out. Add to the list of things that make me crazy our young people who are creating their own private hell….It’s like they’re writing a death certificate for themselves! How many people who are victims of cancer would give just about anything to be on the inside of a healthy body?

Okay, I’ve pretty much ranted and raved, but young people who have the world before them and don’t seem to appreciate it make me nuts. They’re trying to grow up way too fast – and sometimes I wonder if we’re not, collectively, pushing them to do so. Maybe the stress of that, alone, is sending a lot of them spiraling. Maybe they should have been allowed to just be kids a little longer. I just don’t have the answers, only more questions. And that’s about as frustrating as it gets. Here’s the article link again….a little too much rambling went on since I mentioned it above! – The Danger of Teens & Inhalants .

HOWEVER, if we don’t each start asking more questions, none of us will ever find the answer.

Make each moment count double,

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