The Bridge You’ll Never Cross

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Million Dollar Bridge, Alaska

I was spending a little time alone with Greenville Kleiser last night while my husband was otherwise occupied. Fortunately for all involved, Mr. Kleiser is one of my favorite authors and the time we spend is in the confines of his wonderful books. We met last night in “Inspiration and Ideals” from 1917, and yes…that does make him an older man.

Greenville Kleiser wrote many motivational and inspirational books and self help articles (I’ll be adding these to my Self Help Daily Article’s Section, starting today.) – but one of the best things he ever penned was the following poem, “The Bridge You’ll Never Cross.” I think you’ll love it as much as I do.

It’s a great reminder to deal with things as they happen and not to invite worry or fear into your life. Most things we fret over never even happen!


It’s what you think that makes the world
Seem dull or bright to you;
Your mind may color all things gray
Or make them radiant hue.
Be glad today, be true and wise,
Seek gold amid the dross;
Waste neither time nor thought about
The bridge you’ll never cross.

There’s useful work for you to do
With hand and brain and heart;
There’s urgent human service, too,
In which to take your part.
Make every opportunity
A gain and not a loss;
The best is yours, so do not fear
The bridge you’ll never cross.

If life seems drab and difficult
Just face it with a will;
You do not have to work alone
Since God is with you still.
Press on with courage toward the goal,
With Truth your shield emboss;
Be strong, look up, and just ignore
The bridge you’ll never cross.
– Greenville Kleiser

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