The Big Chill (Out)!

Motivational, Relaxation

Research shows that the average American has an adrenaline rush (the flight or fight feeling you’d experience when staring at the business end of a large mad dog) about 50 times a day. Fifty! Holy Moly. These rushes show up in the car, at the office, at home, in the store, in the restaurant….at 50, I’d say they must show up just about everywhere.

These incidences do a lot more than cause one to make a jerk out of oneself – they lead to insomnia, headaches, neck and back pain, stomach problems, and heart trouble.

The next time you feel one of these rushes coming to a head, experts say the best thing to do is actually very simple and can be done anywhere: Breathe. That’s about it – take six deep breaths, then repeat for several minutes. You’ll be able to clear your purdy head beforeanger gets a chance to show its ugly one.

Make each moment count double,

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