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For the love of avoiding asylums, make sure you’re alone first, but I have a kinda cool self-awareness exercise for you.

The next chance you get, sit down and have a heart to heart with yourself. Okay, you don’t really even have to sit down, but you do have to talk, listen and respond. This would be why I said to make sure you’re alone – you read my blog which means I wuv you, and don’t want you looking like a fool to anyone.

But think about it, what better way to approach self-awareness than by getting inside of the head that’s most important – your own. You’ll never find out what you need, personally, to make you happier, more successful, more content, or healthier by listening only to what others say. Motivation, inspiration, support and knowledge can be gotten from the right people, but self-awareness will flow only from one fountain. Yours.

When you sit down with yourself, talk about anything (Or anyone. Who’ll tell?) that you need to. And, btw, – you don’t have to ask yourself any questions aloud, I was just being cute. All my self talks occur within my busy little mind. I don’t mind the clutter. The most important thing is to take your exercise seriously and to lead off with the following question:

“How do you feel right now?” Give a name to each of the feelings you currently own. You may surprise yourself. A few days ago, I was running around inside of my own head trying to catch an exclusive. I found out that what I thought was building into stress was really just tiredness. I took a nap and was my “normal” self afterwards.

We’re awfully quick to alter our ranks – we give major words to minor conditions. One of the most overworked Majors is “Depression”. So many people use this word when they feel the least bit down, or even tired. Then, they convince themselves that they’re depressed, and they label themselves as such. Maybe all they really needed was a nap, too.

After you list the words to describe how you feel, take each one and address it. If you say, for example that you feel “Unappreciated”, ask yourself what would make you feel appreciated. If you say you feel “overwhelmed”, ask what would lighten your load.

Basically, confront each scenario with, “What are you doing about it.”

It pays to remember what Self Help, Self Awareness, Self Improvement, and Self Knowledge have in common: They all start with self.

Make each moment count double,

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