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It didn’t happen overnight, and unfortunately, the same holds true on the other end: you or a loved one won’t stop overnight either. Addiction is a painful reality that affects everyone. It, of course, takes a toll on the participant, but the family and friends are also victims. Their lives become disrupted. They often feel the same anguish as the person going through it. For a woman and a mother, this becomes an embarrassment to them. They feel like a failure, that they disappointed their children and their family.

It starts out simple enough a drink here and there, a couple of pills or a few trips to a casino and before you know it you’re hooked. It’s a disease that eats away at your very core and takes you away from your true self, piece by piece, until one day you say, I have had enough. By this time you’ve probably lied to just about everyone you love and to yourself that you don’t have a problem. But, in the end, you must face the truth that you are an addict and take one of two roads. You can either pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start anew or go out of this world alone. The choice is truly yours.

The first step is to realize that you are an addict. Admitting this is half the battle. Once you reach this point then you can start the long process of recovery. The good news is that there are many facilities, such as womens drug rehab center, that specialize in treating various forms of addiction. They have a trained staff and are more than qualified to help you achieve a full recovery.

Start by acknowledging to family and friends that you have a problem. This is probably the most painful thing you’ll need to do. It admits to you and loved ones what they themselves already knew. But it also opens the door to unity. When you have the support of family and friends, and you will, you feel an inner strength that I can do this.

You can start by going it alone in the sense that you don’t need to go into a rehab center. But again, depending on the dependency this may not be an option that works for you. If you have family members at home who are willing to ride the train with you, it’s a starting point that you can try. However, more than not, many people find that it’s just too difficult to stop their addiction cold turkey without a doctor and hospital support staff around them.

It’s also important to realize that this addiction did not happen overnight and as much as you would love to wake up and not need your pills, alcohol or gambling habit, it will take courage, resilience and strength to overcome it.  You can do it, but you must be honest will yourself and give you the best chance for success. If it means going into rehab for a few weeks, therapy and monitoring, take it. There is no shame in admitting you have a problem and you need help. There is, however, a selfishness in luring family and friends along falsely, intended or not intended, if you decide to go it alone.


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