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I’ll go ahead and admit it up front. I can be something of a drama queen. Even when I was a little girl…of course, then I was a drama princess.

I’ve made it to full-fledged Erica Kane status now! If I don’t keep an eye on her (My inner Erica), if I look the other way for just a minute, she comes sashaying on the scene. I thought I’d just give a little confessional/testimonial before going any further….because I looked away for that dangerous minute and I raised Kane. So, if today’s post is a little dramatic, I apologize. Dramatically.

Has there ever been a time in your life when you stopped and wondered, “What happened? This looks like my life, it sounds like my life, but it doesn’t feel like my life.” It’s as though all the lights are on but nobody’s home. A lot of people have this feeling, but they don’t know how to describe it, so they don’t. They aren’t sure anyone will understand, so they don’t chance saying anything about it. Better to keep your mouth shut than to risk someone thinking you and your rocker have separated, right? Wrong.

The fact is, if you opened up to someone else, odds are a light would come on for them and they’d recognize a feeling they hadn’t given a voice to as well. Just about all of us have been there at one time or another – when our life is going on around us…we’re playing our role….but something doesn’t feel quite right. Basically, something has taken our life away from us, at least to a degree, and left us with one we don’t fully recognize.

What are some of these “life robbers”?

  • Addictions. Not just to the big no no’s like alcohol, tobacco, pornography. Addictions to work, or even certain recreations, can rob you of life as you once knew it.
  • Pressure. Sometimes it’s pressure that’s put on us by other people, but often (Speaking from experience!) it’s pressure we put on ourselves. “I HAVE to get this done by such-and-such-date..” “I could have done that much better…” and so on. If you couldn’t tell, this is the thief I recently had to apprehend. The good thing is once you can identify the thief, they’re incredibly easy to catch!
  • Stress. This one probably trips up more people than any other. A common mistake people make is sitting back and thinking that everything will work out. Everything won’t. In fact, what everything will do is go and get worse. Much worse.

    Amazing, if someone around us was having problems with stress, we’d insist they find the solution….heck, we’d be so concerned about them, we’d do everything we could to help them. We’d stay up nights researching coping techniques, we’d buy them lava lamps and relaxation tapes, etc…. But if it’s us? “Oh, it’ll go away.” Maybe if we realized that if we’re stressed it affects those around us negatively…maybe then we’d do something about it sooner.

  • Grief. When we’re grieving for someone or something, the light is understandably dimmed for a while. That’s normal and expected, even healthy because we’re healing. However, if the light refuses to come back on, it’s time for help. That isn’t healthy and it isn’t living.

Basicaly, anything that takes the steering wheel of your life out of your hands has assumed control of your life. You’re on cruise control and the reason it no longer seems like your life is becase it no longer is.

If you ever feel like your life isn’t really your life anymore, please take it back! If you aren’t really sure how, find someone who can help you. I want you to know that I’d do all I could – my email is to the right, and I check it throughout the day, so you can be assured of a prompt response….and of privacy, of course!

As the daytime drama says, we only have one life to live, we certainly have to make sure that we’re the one living it – and to the fullest!

Make each moment count double,

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