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Indulging in sugar-laden foods and beverages may increase your Alzheimer’s risk, according to a recent study from the University of Alabama.

Researchers worked with some of their favorite co-workers, mice. The mice were getetically bred to develop Alzheimer’s-like symptoms in adulthood. Then the mice were separated into two groups: One group had a regular, balanced diet. The other group was supplemented with 10 percent sugar water. After 25 weeks, they compared the metablolism, brain composition, and memory skills of the two groups.

The sugar-fed mice gained approximately 17 percent more weight than the other group, developed insulin resistance, and had higher cholesterol levels. These mice also had more difficulty with learning and memory retention. Their brains had over twice the amount of amyloid plague deposits – a hallmark of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The researchers tell us that the human equivalent of this sugar-y mouse diet would be about 5 cans of soda per day. BUT, since mice have higher metabolisms, it may actually take less sugar than this to develop similar results.

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