Know Your Stress Triggers. Avoid Your Stress Triggers!

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Stress Triggers, how to avoid them and stres less!

All of us, even the most laid back people in the world, have stress triggers. Simply put, stress triggers are people, events, situations, or circumstances that cause us to feel anxious and stressed.   Like kryptonite to Superman, these stress triggers keep us from functioning at our peak and they rob us the normal peaceful life we crave. And deserve.

Many times if an individual is looking for ways to feel less stress and anxiety, simply identifying their stress triggers can help a lot. After all, half the battle is always knowing who or what you’re battling.

A really common stress trigger is money problems. Most of us feel stress like never before when the cash flow is more of a cash trickle.  Full blown stress hits when the bills waiting to be paid outnumber the bills that are needed to pay them!  For those of us who know, full well, that money is a stress trigger, the wise thing to do is to put forth EXTRA effort to make more and/or spend less.  Someone once told me that, because of the economy, they were getting a second job.  When I pointed out that that would be pretty stressful, to spend so much time working – I couldn’t argue with their answer, “Nothing could be as stressful as worrying about money all the time.”

The fact that coupons and “extreme coupon reality shows” are so popular right now indicates two things:

  1. The economy isn’t completely back on its feet yet.
  2. People are looking for ways to ease the stress of not having as much money as they want.

Basically, there are two kinds of people in the world: Those who complain and those who do something about it.  The latter handles the situation and battles their stress triggers, while the former is at their mercy.

Money is, of course, only one of many potential stress triggers.  Certain situations can trigger stress and, when possible, avoiding them is necessary. Same can be said for certain people.  Sometimes avoidance is the only peaceful resolution.  If avoidance ISN’T an option, think of things YOU can do to make the situation better.

The best time to think about, identify, and make a plan for dealing with stress triggers is while you aren’t feeling particularly stressful or anxious.  Sit and think about times in your life when you’ve felt tense, stressed out, on edge, or anxious.  Ask questions such as, “What was I doing?  Where was I? What made me feel this way?”

The stress triggers will come into focus and you’ll be able to identify them right away. Remind yourself that you’re in control and challenge yourself to come up with ways to get rid of these stress triggers.

No one is at their best when they’re stressed because NO ONE wears stress well. Do all you can to reduce the amount of stress in your life and you’ll increase the peacefulness and enjoyment of your life.

Make each moment as peaceful as possible!
~ Joi

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