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Someone get NBA com commissioner David Stern a collection of Jerry Springer Uncensored tapes, stat. The dude apparently has too much time on his hands. Either that or he’s cracked up completely.

He has implemented a really lame dress code for the NBA’s players. Seems he thinks he needs to tell these grown men what they can and can’t wear. They have to wear shirts with collars and slacks. No jewelry, no jerseys, no t-shirts….

See the pic below of Mr. Iverson? Apparently Stern stands against everything Allen’s wearing. Me? I think Allen looks pretty darned cute. I also think he means more to the NBA than Mr. Blackwell-a-be.

In one of the weirdest quotes I’ve read out of the whole comedy came from Phil Jackson. He said that players have been wearing “prison garb.” What prison would that be???

Another Jackson, Pacers Stephen Jackson, believes the code is racist. “Almost 100 percent of the guys in the league who are young and black wear big chains. So I definitely don’t agree with that at all.” What DOES it hurt anyone for these kids to dress how they want to dress???

I don’t think Stern is racist, just painfully out of touch. Maybe someone should tell him that he doesn’t own these players – they’re free and of age and can darn well dress themselves. Maybe someone should point out that he and his generation don’t represent the norm for NBA fans and they sure as heck don’t represent the players. Perhaps someone should ask him what the casual dress hurts…

Nah, let’s just buy him the collection of tapes.

Make each moment count double,

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  • You’re so wrong about this that I think you must be channeling Mark ” I’m A Big Whiny Loser ” Cuban. The players need to promote professionalism to those that advertise, those that pay to see them play and those that idolize them.

    Most of corporate America has a dress code and they make a helluva lot less than these whiny thug wannabees.

    They sit on their own bench, wearing some other teams jersey and a “Mr. T Starter Kit”.

    AI looks like the thug he wants to be. Let him find another corporate job that pays him this well and gives him time off to terrorize queers with a gun.

    If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck……

    I see the NFL layers get off their buses and planes dressed well. I see the players from MLB dress well when travelling and then I see the NBA players dress like the WWE wannabees that they are.

    Let all who don’t want to dress within the requirements of those that pay them go get a job as rap stars. That’s what they all wanna be anyway.

  • See if I make you any more sweet potato pies!!!

    I have to stand by my stand here. I just don’t see what biz it is of anyone else’s what
    these men wear or don’t wear.

    They’re expressing themselves and I don’t think anyone has a right to try to silence that.
    It’d be different if they were wearing vulgar or inflammatory clothing.

    I don’t think they’re WWE wannabes. That’d be a big step down. I sure don’t think they
    want to be thugs. They’re athletes. They play a game.

    Besides, most of the NBA stars I’ve seen pics of are dressed as snazzy as anyone.

    It reminds me of the time we went to that church where the pastor said only men wearing ties
    could pray in church. Like. God. Cares. Same-o with NBA fans – like they care what the heck
    Shaq, Tayshaun, Ming, Allen or Nash wear.

    Just because you can make a rule doesn’t mean you should.

    Just my pov.

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