Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh


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Being Mommy to 11 blogs, sharing custody of 1, and fully expecting others – I do a great deal of reading. Lots of subjects I try to stay on top of. Lately, there’s been a theme of sorts developing.

Everything I read, it seems, talks about the importance of a sense of humor.

  • There was an article in which the author interviewed couples who had been married for over 50 years. Each couple told of the importance of humor. Being happily married to a complete nut, I most definitely know where they’re coming from. Humor can diffuse arguments, help you through stressful situations, and make a great day even better.
  • In a book about stress and coping with disappointment, the author points out how laughter can be more of a lifeline than anything or anyone. It’s usually when we feel the LEAST like flipping on a sitcom or cartoon that we need to the most.
  • Three different health-related articles that I’ve read this week extolled the virtues of laughter! One went so far as to say that Reader’s Digest has had it right all along – Laughter really is The Best Medicine.

Granted, lots of laughter may not save a totally doomed marriage. It may not make all of your stress go away. And unfortunately it hasn’t been proven to cure any diseases outside of bad mooditis – but it will help you to ride each of the above out in a better frame of mind.

Here are a few ideas to help put more hahahaahahahahas into your days:

Get hooked on Political Cartoons. Yes, sometimes you’ll get ticked…..and yes, sometimes they’ll fly right over your head like a dragonfly – but more times than not they’ll make you laugh inside, and sometimes outside! They put a funny perspective on things going on around us – like the ridiculous gas prices.

Grab a dvd or vhs of Napoleon Dynamite – just looking at that goofy mug is good for a load of laughs.

Watch Andy Griffith re-runs….with Barney, for laughing out loud – not without.

Turn on the Cartoon Network – at night. Freakin’ Funny. If you’ve never done so – check out Foster’s Home for Imaginary Creatures. Bloo had me in stitches a few nights ago…..and it was a day that very much needed stitching up. Johnny Bravo’s also a scream waiting to happen.

Make each laugh count double,

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