So You Want to Write a Book?!

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Do you have a book inside of you (fiction or non-fiction) that’s dying to get out, but you just can’t get it started?

  • …..or don’t have the time
  • ….. or can’t think of a plot
  • …..or have writer’s block
  • …..or don’t think you have anything important to say
  • …..or don’t think you have the writing talent
  • …..or have something else that’s stopping you?

If you recognize yourself in any of the bullet points above (omg, I love bullet points), I have a web site that has an author that has a book – and they’re all specially designed to help you write your book faster than you ever thought possible. In fact, there’s information there that will lead you to write your book in 14 days!! Do you know how many books you could write in a year?!

I’m sure I’ve told you before, I have 12 blogs, 14 websites, 3 newsletters, and write countless online articles. Before I even began the blogs and newsletters, my work days were completely full. We wanted to launch a blog network and I knew that’d be a lot….make that A LOT….. of extra work. As much as I was committed to making the family business successful, I was more committed to the family. I wasn’t about to compromise any of my time gardening, cooking, baking, walking, doing yoga, playing tennis with my girls, watching baseball, or hanging out with my cats! My family, our hobbies and fun make up my life and I just refused to cut in on any of it.

Dilemna! I needed the day to cough up extra hours for me. I made the proposal, but it balked. Then, my husband (who must subscribe to every newsletter ever known to man or womankind) showed me an e-mail praising a book by Steve Manning. Then he showed me a introduction written by the author and asked if I wanted the book. I loved Steve’s mindset as well as his writing, so I said that I’d love to have it.

Was the book beneficial to me? Yes! Not necessarily because I’m able to maintain all of these blogs, websites, articles and newsletters….but because I’m able to do so within the same time frame I once did half as much work. I’m also now working on a book! I’m actually going to re-read Steve’s book for some refresher points, so I can get my book finished sooner.

Know this: I would never, never recommend anything to you without loving it….not just liking it….but loving it! I think of my readers as my friends, and a bad referral or recommendation might cost me a buddy or two – nothing in the world is worth that! Plus, I want to have a good reputation….I’m actually aiming for spotless, here, so I’m extremely cautious.

But more than anything, I want to be helpful to others – I want to serve some sort of a purpose with all the words that these fingers tap out each day! I want the words to all come together and make a difference in someone’s life. That’s the #1 reason I sit down at my computer each day!

Anyway, there’s my recommendation – for what it’s worth. However, I have one better than my own. I know you’ve heard of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books – they must be upwards of a gazillion now.

Mark Victor Hansen (co-author of the series and many, many others) is also a fan of Steve’s. In fact, when he saw the information, he not only said it was some of the best stuff he’d ever used, he even asked the owner of the website to speak at his next seminar! And Mark is using this information to crank out still more books!

So, if one of your dreams is to write a book, please do yourself an elephantine, enormous, extensive, gargantuan, and big fat favor and visit the website below. There’s even a free email course that gets you started FAST – Are you ready to Write a Book NOW?!

Make each moment count double,

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