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If I told you to draw a picture of a boy giving a girl a present, how would you draw it? Think about it for a second – picture where you’d place each, the giver and the receiver. Heck, even sketch a little picture if you’re feeling particularly artsy.

Don’t scroll down for the why‘s, when‘s, who‘s, or what‘s until you have a clear picture of what your picture would look like.

I thought this was pretty cute. In the always entertaining INSIGHTS section of the June 2008 issue of Psychology Today, there was an article called “Reading, Writing, and Rembrandt.” The author, Matthew Hutson posed the same question you read above. I grabbed pen and paper and sketched out the little scene. I put the boy on the right and the girl on the left (just like I arranged the couple above on paintbrush – don’t laugh!).

The interesting thing is what the article goes on to say:

Ask an adult to draw a boy giving a girl a gift and he’ll probably draw the boy on the left. Try it in the Middle East, and the boy will be on the right…. How we perceive and imagine the world is influenced by the direction we learn to read and write. Typically sentences list subject before object, so most Westerners automatically envision actions happening left to right, and the more powerful party situated to the left.

See? There’s the rub, your’s truly was bassakwards. Apparently, in the scenario given, I see the girl as the main star of the show – even though it’s our hero who’s making the grand gesture.

Since everything that comes from a Psychological standpoint fascinates me, I thought this article was very interesting. Then again, I find everything about Psychology Today mesmerizing. When we were first married, my young husband collected Conan the Barbarian comic books (I’ll bet he’d love to have them as collector’s items today!). He was so cute when he’d buy a new one, grab a Ginger Ale and hit the sofa. He and the comic book entered a whole other world! It’s the same with me when I grab a fresh new issue of Psychology Today. I’ve been known to start reading articles while in line at the register!

If you’re on this blog, you obviously share an interst in mental fitness, self help, and self awareness. If you’ve never “met” Psychology Today, introduce yourself on your next trip to the store. You’ll probably get as hooked as I am.

Make each moment count double and quit laughing at my little people – your joke about Rogaine just wasn’t cool,

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