Short Fuses and Long Faces

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Is it just me, or does the world at large seem to be in a rotten mood? I’m not even referring to cretin , they have far worse problems than nasty dispositions. They’ll each get theirs in this life or the next.

I’m talking about otherwise normal pitchers going berserk on cameramen, the need for a phrase like “road rage” to even exist, and the scowling soreheads you see everyday.

In regards to the most recent public tantrum, why couldn’t ESPN – with their first coverage (of, like, a gazillion), just say, “Kenny Rogers, off his nut, took on the role of a pit bull, while casting a photographer in the role of an alley cat. Now on to news.” He wasn’t the first to go postal, he won’t be the last. He’s just one of many, he was just unfortunate enough to be caught on tape. Make a note of that, don’t ever create a scene in front of people who earn their living by people creating scenes.

Why IS everyone so danged edgy and disaggreable anymore? You go to a ballgame, fans are boo-hissing their own players. You drive across town, people try to run over you or give your vehicle an enema – and heaven forbid they think you’re in their precious way, then you get the redneck salute. I’ve had two different women give me the finger of fools in the past year. Big fat, ugly disagreeable women who probably reek of armpit. I don’t hold grudges though. ????

God sent manna down to the Hebrew people, to feed them in the wilderness. I so wish he’d send sedative-laden rain down on humans today! Douse everyone but good – turn all the frowns to smiles, the boos to cheers, the redneck salutes to waves.

I just can’t figure out what’s come over people, but most have their nasty on up to their furrowed brow. My daughter, who works in a pizza restaurant, often tells me about customers who are hateful and rude. There’s a theme developing, apparently. Women between the ages of 40-70 become hounds of hell when told they have to pay for bottled water. WHAT?? Does the water company give them theirs for free? Does the cashier at the store refuse their money for bottled water with a “Nah, that’s free.” Lemon pusses.

And, have you ever seen the faces people will make while waiting for their order, to say nothing of the whining and belly-aching? If it’s so excruciating, why don’t they just stay home and cook for themselves?! Maybe that would hurt even worse. I swear, a woman in Cracker Barrel recently looked like she was about to cry over meatloaf she felt wasn’t warm enough. (It wasn’t the only cold thing at that table!) Same gal would’ve sued if it were too hot. I always wish I had a big mirror to whip out and show them how freakin’ ugly they look. But then they’d turn on me, and I’m not about that.

Why can’t the average Joe and Jane Crank realize that these people, whether they’re athletes, store clerks, waitresses, cooks – whatever – are all doing their job, they’re all trying to get by – like all of us. Why won’t they conserve their energy and outrage for things that really truly matter. Their little bity annoyances amount to squat on the grand scale of life.

Is their world so tiny that these little bity things seem huge in it? Now is that sad, or what? Maybe if they made their world larger and broadened their scope the small things of the world would resume thier rightful size. If everyone spent more time looking at the world around them and the needs of others, and less time looking at themselves and worrying about “getting their fair share”, the world would be a better place.

If I had the time, the inclination and wasn’t such a chickenshoot, I would approach each whining, griping curmudgeon and ask them if it’s REALLY worth it. I’d ask them if they’d like to go with me to a hospital and tell all the cancer patients how bad THEY have it. I mean, after all, what is fighting for your life compared to having to wait for a freshly cooked meal. Do they realize how many people would trade places with them in a heartbeat? Maybe they could drive downtown and whine to a homeless man about having to pay that $1.25 for water. I doubt any of these people would shed a single tear for them or their “traumas”, but I further doubt any of the whiners would go with me in the first place. They’d just salute me.

Make each moment count double,

P.A. (“Post” Ammendment): A few hours after typing this post, I was out amongst the savages. A man in a huge white truck with an Indiana license plate pulled out in front of me, sending me onto the shoulder of the road. He glanced back in his big rear view mirror, I guess expecting to take his punishment. I gave him my best….smile, that is. I’ll bet he’s still wearing the look of utter shock on his face.

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