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Before I get to the post, I just have to grumble for a minute. When you call a business, a hospital, or Heaven help you, a government office – why is it that the person who answers the phone never knows anything? At all? Shouldn’t businesses or organizations post their most informed person at that position – as opposed to, say, the one person who just barely seems to know where they actually work?

The phone is their direct line with the public – and if the public is calling them, they probably have a question or two. Why not have an informed individual for the public to speak to? Instead, it’s been my experience that it’s usually someone who knows their name, but is totally clueless of anything past that.

Yeah, I had one of those mornings. But it’s all good. Three people into the call I got what I needed.

Grumbling over – today’s far too gorgeous to be annoyed!

I came across a really cute article in my reading recently. “Secrets To Living Beyond 90” and was a compilation of tips and advice for living a long, healthy life. They went to the absolute experts for the information – people who were aged 90 and over! Here’s what these adorable long-lifers had to say:

~ Work hard, but not too hard.

~ Keep socially active.

~ Live one day at a time.

~ Eat your fruits and vegetables.

~ Enjoy nature.

~ Take naps.

~ Read your Bible often.

~ Keep quiet and stay out of other people’s business.

~ Tend a garden.

~ Dance.

~ Don’t overeat.

~ Volunteer to help those in need.

~ Think positiviely.

~ Have something to look forward to.

~ Play bingo.

Bingo? How cute’s that?

Make each moment outside count double!

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