Left vs Right Brain: The Surprising Truth (Infographic)


When I was in school, one of the most fascinating subjects in any science classe, for me, was the brain. Each year, I’d search through my textbook for the chapter (or chapters if I was lucky) dealing with the brain. I decided I’d survive the circulatory system, the respiratory system, and anything else they threw at me… just knowing the brain was ahead was all I needed!

The brain still fascinates me to distraction – how it works, what foods and habits are healthy for the brain, what foods and habits hurt it, the difference between the left brain and right brain, etc. The brain is one of those things that literally becomes more fascinating the more you read about it.

The infographic below – as well as the article that accompanies it (Left and Right Brain – The Surprising Truth) is both informative and fascinating. Like a delicious chapter in a brand new textbook!  After reading the infographic, you’ll definitely want to click through and read the article by Jack Milgram.

Left Brain Right Brain Infographic
Infographic Credit: Custom-Writing.org

(I really do hope you click through and read the great article – you’ll find it all kinds of interesting!)

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