Ride a Cowboy’s Good Time

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Looking for a really fun time that’s:

  • Inside $20.00
  • Inside the law
  • Outside the box?

Take that 20 spot and go buy Cowboy Troy’s CD, Loco Motive.

It’s not often that I recommend something on this blog with a price tag – especially when I profiteth not from it. But y’all gotta get this CD! I try to keep my “Y’all gotta get this” posts to a minimum on Out of Bounds, so that when I do say it, you know I mean the Business.

If you’re having the sort of day that’s already smiling at you, this CD will turn that smile into laughter. If the day is basically slapping you around, Cowboy Troy will make it stop.

It doesn’t matter if you like country, rap, hip hop, hick hop, Christian, rock, southern rock, pop, 80s, R&B, bluegrass, or alternative (Personally, I like ’em all!), you’ll love this music. If you just get it and then really get it, it’ll be the smartest $12 – 14 you’ve spent in a long time.

I Play Chicken With the Train and My Last Yee Haw are head bobbing, pound your sterring wheel, wiggle in your seat, rocking, good times. If You Don’t Wanna Love Me is hauntingly beautiful, and Somebody’s Smilin’ on Me (with Tim McGraw and Big Kenny) leaves me speechless. The words on all the songs are awesome. The music, the performances, the photography on the front and back, the title….it’s all good.

Somebody’s Smilin’ on Me has a line in it that describes my mindset when I named this blog – “….boundaries are made to be broken….” Apparently it’s the mindset Cowboy Troy wears under his hat. Cowboy

He wears it well.

Make each song count double,

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