Resolving to Quit Smoking?

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If one of your resolutions is to butt out of the unhealthy habit of smoking, you already know what you’re up against. A tough road, that while not at all fun to travel, will lead to a longer life and better health.

Here’s a little bit of information that I hope will help you along the way:

Smokers who increased the amount of time they exercised by 30 minutes a week were 30% more successful than those who didn’t exercise. That’s just 30 minutes a week! So if you begin to work out for 10 minutes three times a week, you’ve made your road a little less bumpy. Plus, you’ll keep yourself from gaining weight which sometimes happens when people give up smoking. Of course, for optimum health, a person should work out for closer to 30 minutes 3-4 times a week – but we’re just looking at what one would need to kick this particular habit. We’ll worry about the waistline in another post!

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I honestly applaud your determination and wish you the utmost of luck.

May 2006 be the best year of your life….I hope all your dreams come true and that you never stop dreaming.

Make each moment count double,

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  • Has anyone heard of these new electronic ciggarettes that you can get for like $100? You can buy the nicotine charges to put in them. They are smokeless cigs and release nicotine into your system. Apparently you can use them anywhere. The rechargers are like $60 each. Is something like this safe since you are not actually smoking? So what I am trying to ask is, is this a safe alternative to smoking?

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