Replacement Therapy with Strings Attached

Motivational, Tough Love!

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Replacement Therapy is one of the most brilliant things ever devised by a human mind. Right up there with coffee makers, Alicia Keys cds, and water beds. Freakin’ brilliant.

Just think about it – if you have a bad habit (biting your nails, smoking, overeating, etc.), it makes perfect sense that the best way to kick it out of your life is to replace it with something else. This way, there really isn’t a void. Voids are evil things – like instant coffee, Clay Aiken cds, and extra firm matresses.

After I linked the incredible blog in my last post, I went back to it to read a little more myself (love her writing). Apparently some brilliant ladies used replacement therapy to kick the smoking habit, and some got their butts into amazing shape by using physical fitness as a replacement. You go, girls!

A really fun thing to do when you need a little replacement of your own is to learn something new. Just like the workouts that these gals did, the benefits are two-fold. First of all, you remove yourself from your bad habit. Second of all, in the end, you not only are free of the habit that held you down – you’ve learned something new and have gained a new skill or attribute.

Learning a musical instrument (like the guitar, for instance) gives you something fun to focus on and, as a bonus, serves as an energy drink to your brain cells! They LOVE to learn a new skill and to be challenged. And that’s pretty much what this blog is all about, right?!?!

Give it a try – you might just amaze yourself.

Make each moment count double,

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