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I’ve always been amazed by the influence music can have on a person. When you’re feeling down, the right kind of music can lift your spirits. Ironically, when you’re feeling sad, listening to sad songs can somehow help as well. That one has always stumped me – you’d think it’d make matters worse, wouldn’t you?!

Even in movies and on television, the effects of music are epic. When we’re watching a scary movie, the music played in the background serves to heighten our fear. Upbeat soundtracks cause our emotions to soar right along with the music!

I’ve also noticed that music can have a very relaxing effect on the listener. A lot of the time, when I’m working at the computer, I’ll have Patsy Cline, Motown Classics, or Johnny Cash serenading me while I plug along. Good thing I work from home! Different songs, and even different artists, affect people differently – for whatever reasons, Patsy Cline songs always bring a smile to my face and calm into my world.

Even on Mondays.

A new study now backs up what I’ve said all along: Listening to music makes the brain release a chemical that gives pleasure. Researchers found that music causes our brain cells to react to music much as they do to food or sex.

Is it any wonder so many people love to listen to music?

Interestingly, the study proved that the songs don’t even have to have vocals accompanying them – instrumentals have the same reaction. In fact, personally, I’ve found that instrumentals are often more relaxing. Classical music is especially good for sort of turning off the thinking process and shutting out the world. I’ll often play classical music while working online. I find my fingers trying to keep beat with the music sometimes.

What can I say, sometimes I need a little amusement in the middle of a long day.

Try this: The next time you feel stressed or anxious, listen to classical music (like the music in the video below). You’ll find that your stress and anxieties will diminish as the notes carry them away. If you don’t happen to have a classical music collection (yet!) search Classical Music on YouTube, or search for an individual composer’s work. A quick search for Relaxing Music brings about some beautiful results as well.

Make each moment count double,
~ Joi

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