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When it comes to your personal risk for depression and other psychiatric problems….as well as your overall happiness and well being, there are some key relationships that play key roles. The most important one is to be expected: Your spouse.

That’s one of the reasons parents are so tough on the guys or gals their children date. Each of them is a candidate for the one they’ll one day marry….putting in their hand a pen that’ll help write our “baby’s” future.

Speaking of parents and children – each also play key roles in our mental well-being and emotional security.

A researcher at Indiana University – Purdue in Fort Wayne proved that a person’s relationship with their boss is “nearly” equal in importance to his relationship with his (or her) spouse when it comes to overall well-being. That sort of surprised me, but I guess it makes sense, given the amount of time the average person spends around him or her.

Unfortunately, surveys show that up to half of all workers have an unpleasant, from shaky to downright miserable, relationship with their supervisors. A recent Gallup poll showed that a bad relationship with the boss was the number one reason for quitting a job. Problems with the boss outpaced all other factors including salary, work hours, responsibilities, working conditions…

The Gallup report put it this way: “Employees leave supervisors, not companies.”

Of course, another key relationship in a person’s well-being is the one they have with themself. But that’s far too deep for a Friday. We’ll save that for Monday!

Make each moment count double,

P.S. Have a great weekend and enjoy the game….even without the Broncos. (WAHHHHH!)

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