Raising a Smarter Child

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You’ve heard of “building a better mousetrap,” right? How about “raising a smarter child?” There are actually things a parent can do to affect their child’s intelligence. Doing the right things results in brighter children.

So what are the right things?

1. Allow your children to make their own mistakes. If we always do things for them, they’ll never learn to do them for themselves. All they learn is how to get out of doing it.

2. Be certain they get all of their daily vitamin, and that they eat a balanced diet. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind

3. Don’t downplay the importance of their opinions. Allow, and even encourage, them to not only think for themselves but to take pride in their opinions. If your daughter loves the music of Avril Lavigne, don’t criticize her or question her taste. It’s her taste, after all!

Be proud every single time your child voices an opinion. If he/she feels comfortable enough around you to voice what may be controversial opinions – it speaks volumes of your relationship. They feel secure around you and free to let down their guard. That’s, of course, how it should be. However, if all you ever do is criticize, it won’t continue for long.

4. Encourage more reading and less television. That one’s so obvious I almost didn’t include it! If your child doesn’t like reading, keep looking until you find an author they love. Read the same books they do and discuss the characters and stories. You’ll love the Harry Potter books!

5. Spend time with your child – play board games, watch the Discovery Channel, work puzzles, read /”act out” Shakespeare….. Make learning fun. When my daughters were really young, I taught them about Harriet Tubman and the Runaway Railroad using Barbies. It was almost as fun as our animated readings of Shakespeare. All four of us are drama queens, so it got pretty hammy. I owned Lady Macbeth and she knew it.

Of course, the most important thing is to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted children. But who’s to say they can’t be sharp as well?

Make each moment count double,

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