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I recently added an article to our website, The Mental Fitness Center entitled “Don’t Settle”. The author inspired me with each word that I read and subsequently typed. By the end of the article, I was ready to go out and takecareofbusiness.

How often do we settle for something and label it “good enough”? (Two words that, when used separately, are harmless enough. But when combined – – empires crumble!)

Thigh spread, broken friendships, pre-mature aging, love handles, strained marriages, shattered dreams, bouncing checks, bad breath, bankruptcy….”good enough” begets more spoil than a democrat in office.

“I’ve walked 30 minutes, 30 more would double my efforts….nah, 1/2 an hour’s good enough.” (Memo to butt: stick around.)

“Okay, I made 3 cold calls today. I could make a few more or knock off for a round of golf. Three’s “good enough”, my short game needs work.” (Soon, the short game may not be the only one looking for work!)

Even when we DO GOOD…why not go for GREAT??? What all could we accomplish if we made it a habit to push boundaries? Not only the boundaries that have been set for us, but the ones that we’ve set for ourselves.

Think of boundaries this way:
In late winter, I like to give my spring and summer flowers a headstart. I place them in tiny, teensy little peat containers until they’ve grown enough to be transplanted to larger containers.

If, after they had gotten their stems beneath them, they were made to stay in these little containers, what would happen? With no room to grow, they wouldn’t grow. With no growth for living, they wouldn’t live.

While the scenario for us is less dramatic than that of a marigold, stunted growth is stunted growth.

All of us have more greatness in us than we realize. Which presents the mother of all problems, because it all has to start with us! The journey begins right inside of us.

We’ll never truly get our groove on until we BELIEVE IT, second WORK IT, and third PROVE IT.

The next time the words good and enough are running through your mind holding hands, break ’em up, no good comes from the union!!

Better still, make it a “forcesome” by adding the upstarts, Not and Nearly.

Make each moment count double,

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