The Mediterranean Diet for Brain Health: Delicious!

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I spend a great deal of time harping about healthy food on Out of Bounds. Truth be told, I can be found preaching the same sermon on Self Help Daily as well. The thing is… we are, to a very GREAT extent, the sum total of what we put into our mouths day in and day out.

Consider the following Mental Fitness and Brain Health facts:

A recent study found that those who eat three servings or more of vegetables daily have a slower rate of cognitive decline as they age. If you aren’t currently getting enough vegetables each and every day, do yourself a huge favor and start today.  Head off to the grocery store and fill your cart up with vegetables that appeal to you – fresh vegetables, if at all possible.  Look for and try different recipes – don’t settle for the same two or three vegetables over and over again.  Branch out!

Experts tell us that we should strive for as colorful a plate as possible.  So, throw on some green vegetables, orange vegetables, red vegetables, and so on. They aren’t just vital to your physical health, they’re vital to your mental fitness as well.

Research at Vanderbilt University shows that drinking fruit or vegetable juice (any type) three times weekly can reduce your odds of getting Alzheimer’s disease by up to 76%. Seventy-six percent!  We’d be total goobers to pass up such a delicious way to care for our brain.  (For my review of Ocean Spray juices, click the link.)

Make a promise to yourself today that you’ll start paying more attention to what you put into your mouth.  Hold each bite accountable for itself. Remember, what you feed your brain today determines how it’ll treat you tomorrow.

Make each moment count double,
~ Joi

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  • Hi Joi!

    This is great food for thought. It’s good to be reminded the importance of feeding ourselves foods that our mind craves rather than foods that aren’t so good for us in the long run. Great advice, Thanks for sharing!!

  • Excellent article Joi. Veggies are so critical to good health and sadly, the vast majority of people are getting nowhere near the amount that they should be.

  • I wonder vege & fruit that we can find in tablet or instant bottle give us same benefit like fresh vegie & fruit.

    A lot in the market right now ????

  • Zach, I can’t say for sure when it comes to all of these products on the market – but I do know it’s always best, when possible, to get your nutrients directly from vegetables, fruit, and other foods. Sometimes you just have to keep trying different foods and different cooking methods to find what you like best.

  • Anything that rich in Omega 3’s is good!

  • Wasn’t the med diet based on specious research done in the 70’s? I remember something about it being selective and biased…

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