Perseverence and Fight

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“By perseverence the snail reached the ark.”

……and Stephany hits her mark!

My daughter Steph has a lot in common with the snails who made the ark! It’s not that she walks really slow….which she does. And it’s not that she’s very petite….which she is. It’s all in the attitude of “I’m sticking with this and will come out on top. I won’t quit until I do!”

Steph and I spend the better part of our days working online. Designing websites, coding layouts, configuring blogs, writing content, making graphics, researching, etc. etc. etc.

She was up against a two headed monster of a coding problem today. I mean, she’s a teen-ager – this sort of problem would stop people twice her age in their tracks. (Take it from someone who stood in those very tracks, like my toes were nailed to the floor!) From my computer, I could hear an occasional groan from hers – which told me she was still in pursuit of the answer. At one point, she put on some Whitney Houston music – she said it was to drown out all the yelling she was about to do.

The yelling never came – by the time the beautiful diva finished her beautiful songs, my beautiful daughter had come out on top. Pretty pleased with herself, too. Her first words were, “I’m a freakin’ genius.” She gets her modesty from her dad.

I’m always impressed with the way she sticks with something until it comes around to her way of thinking. I like the way she handles herself under pressure, too. No yelling (even when she’s sure it’s coming), no arrival of a bad mood, no stress and strain on her face…. She just does what needs to be done, and if that doesn’t work – moves on to the next attempt. She’s a cool kid.

I also love her taste in music! I got so lost in Whitney’s amazing voice I forgot about the demons lying within my own daily grind. When Whitney was on top of her game, there wasn’t anyone better, brighter or more beautiful. Anyone who never had a crush on Whitney Houston just didn’t know what crushes were for!

I don’t think there’ll ever be another one quite like her. Problem is, I’m afraid she’ll never even be like her.

I wish she’d had more perseverence and fight. She gave in and her beautiful spirit gave up. As a big, big, big fan – I hope she wakes up one day, fails to recognize herself and gets it together.

Make each moment count double,

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