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I hear from a number of wonderful readers of Out of Bounds who are dealing with (or have recently dealt with) an addiction of some kind.   A recent e-mail came from a man who had “licked” alcohol abuse thanks to a program in his community.  As common sense would dictate, the pull of the addiction didn’t just magically go away.  Like many people who leave alcohol or drugs behind, he found that each day was simply a new step…. a step away from where he didn’t want to be and a step toward a place he did want to be.

As I’ve said on this site and blog numerous times, I honestly can’t offer any valid information or advice when it comes to addictions.  The only things I’ve ever been addicted to have been chocolate, coffee, and neck rubs.

However, I do have an exceptional author who I can point people toward!  With strength, faith, and more courage than you can imagine, she has overcome the demons that still haunt many people.  The wonderful news is that she can help these people find the strength and faith inside themselves – along with the courage that you can’t yet imagine.

Her name is Deb Scott and her beautifully written book is The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue: Turning your upside down world right side up!.

If you are, yourself, struggling with or overcoming an addiction, I completely recommend reading this book.  Either click the image, itself, or the link above to read more about the book.

Before doing so, you can click the following link to read my full review of the book on my self help blog, Self Help Daily:  Book Review The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue by Deb Scott.

Make each moment count double!
~ Joi

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  • Thank you for the book recommendation. Addiction is as complex as it is powerful. The support that a writer can give who has gone through recovery from addiction is invaluable for addicts who are trying to reclaim their lives. Thanks again and I will be sure to pick up “The Sky Is Green and The Grass Is Blue”.

  • Bobby, You’re so welcome. This author is very special and I know she’d be a great help to those who need it the most. It’s an outstanding book and she’s a complete and utter sweetheart!

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