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Experts agree that one of the best ways to give our minds a workout is crossword puzzles. Even if we don’t solve the entire puzzle, our mind delights in the challenge. If we don’t provide it with the challenges it craves, it will begin to slow down and… basically… turn to mush.

For crying out loud, none of us want that to happen!

Click HERE for some very challenging and fun crossword puzzles you can work online. You’re going to love these.

On the site, you’ll also find some outstanding articles and other mentally challenging brain games.

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  • Thanks David – sounds verrrrrry interesting indeed!

  • Jerry Link

    Have you seen these puzzles on

  • I love them – thanks for pointing them out! – Joi

  • Hey, great post and some good recomendations and links to brain games. The online brain games blog for which I author is also a great place to find free online brain games. We’ve got links to well over a hundred! Cheers ????

  • Thanks, GaryD! (LOVE the gravatar, by the way – it’s priceless.) I’ll be sure to check out online brain games Sounds like it’s completely my cup of tea. Have a great week!

  • Terry Link

    I’ve seen site, sudoku section is very usefull.

  • Oh yes quite true . Our brains need daily dose of crossword puzzles or nay puzzles to keep it sharp otherwise like you said it will end up becoming a mush!

  • Tasneem, I love crossword puzzles and other brain games – they just seem to keep you sharp!

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