Old Year’s Absolutions

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We’re a few weeks away from a ritualistic practice that we’ll all more than likely take part in – in one way or another. I will, that’s a given. I’m a resolutions junkie and I have been since I can remember. I’m convinced I was born thinking, “I want to crawl by 4 months, stand two weeks later, then walk unasisted two weeks after that….I’ll then work on getting off the bottle…”

The bad thing (and IMO, the only bad thing) about New Year’s Resolutions is they force you to look at your shortcomings, and face it that’s never any fun.

Educational, necessary, progressive – yes, yes, and yes. But also somewhat discouraging, a little defeating, and kind of a downer!

So, Joe…..I think another really good exercise to get into the habit of doing is – about a week before you confront your New Year’s Resolutions, take out pen and paper and celebrate your Old Year’s Absolutions: things you freed yourself of the past year or positive things you started doing within the past year…..accomplishments. Once you start thinking about it, you’ll be surprised at how many there are!

  • Have you started eating more healthily?
  • Have you begun to handle your temper better?
  • Did you clean out the garage?
  • Did you haul off bag after bag to a thrift store?
  • Did you contact someone you hadn’t spoken to in a really long time?
  • Did you start an exercise program?
  • Did you start reading more educational, motivational and inspirational things?
  • Did you show what you were made of by kicking a bad habit to the curb?
  • Have you forgiven someone for something they’d done?
  • Have you made a new friend?
  • Did you learn a new trade?
  • Has one of your relationships grown stronger?
  • Did you lose a few extra pounds?
  • Did you gain a few needed pounds?

The list goes on and on, and off in all kinds of directions. The point is, write down the things you feel good about. It’ll not only give you a much-deserved lift, it’ll serve as extra motivation in a few weeks when you’re making those resolutions.

When you write a resolution down, you’ll think of an absolution and realize that if you did that, you can surely do this!

Make each moment count double,

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