New Server Serving Up Problems

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You may have noticed a few freaky things going on lately – for example this particular blog was down for most of yesterday. We have just upgraded to a new server – as we had outgrown our old place.

While the new place is nice and spacious, there have been lots of moving headaches! That’s why I’ve been unable to post as much as normal…

Most infuriating is the fact that I’ve been unable to receive my e-mail since the 5th! So, if you’ve e-mailed anything within that time frame, I haven’t gotten it. Yet.

HOPEFULLY, they’ll get everything cleared up this weekend. If not, I’ll:

1. Pull my hair out.
2. Pull someone in charge’s hair out.
3. Get an e-mail account not even remotely connected to the server.
4. Regret pulling my own hair out.
5. Eat catfish. (In Kentucky, that’s pretty much equivalent to “tying one on.” – but you remember it all and there’s no hangover.)

Hope your week’s going better than mine! If so, make each moment count double – —- If not, go eat a plateful of catfish!


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